All about our Holiday Showcase

Where is the Showcase?

  • Our showcase will be held in our studio, which means space will be limited. We have allotted enough chair rental and space for each dancer to have no more than 2 audience members. Members should be the following: Parents, Grandparents, aunt or uncles, legal guardians. IF you need someone other than the approved audience members to attend, please contact our front desk. We are being cautious not only of space in our rooms, but the safety of our performers.
  • We will have our audience set-up in two rooms (don’t worry both rooms will display the exact same dances) and your dancers will be go back and forth between rooms to perform.


What dances perform in the Showcase?

All of our regular classes will be performing in the showcase. The only classes that will not perform are the following classes:

  • Adult Level
  • Turns and Leaps
  • Acting
  • Conditioning
  • Tumble or Acro


Do I need to stay and watch the entire show even if my kid only dances in one dance?

Yes! Our rooms are not big enough to allow our audience to move in and out of the rooms while dancers are performing. The performance will run between 60-90 minutes, so we do ask that everyone stay and watch the entire show. It is too much of a distraction to our dancers to have their audience continue to walk in and out.

What does my $50 Showcase Fee pay for?

  • Chair rental
  • Refreshments for both showcase days & Holiday Party
  • Santa’s Visit for Holiday Party (December 1, 2018)
  • Showcase Shirt
  • Paying our instructors to work this showcase
  • Setup and tear down of the facility

What do the kids wear for the showcase?

Fever will hand out showcase shirts well in advance to the event

You will be responsible for providing Black dance pants/leggings/ or form fitted black pant for the dancer to perform in.

  • For Hip Hop classes-students will wear Black hip hop shoes of your preferred style (You provide) . They may also tie in bandanas, flannel shirts, or hats that match the shirt.
  • For Ballet-Students will wear Dress Code. Branded Leo, Dance Bra of proper color, proper shoes, Pink Ballet tights, hair in Bun. All dress coded items can be purchased thru Grit & Grace.

We will send out individual info dress code to EACH class performing in showcase as December approaches.

Holiday Christmas Party:

We will have a Holiday party at the studio following the Holiday Showcase.The holiday party will include a potluck, children’s gift swap, pictures with Santa, fun & fellowship.

  • To attend the Holiday Christmas Party- Showcase fee must be paid
  • Gift swap instructions will be emailed out in December in the weekly newsletter

Holiday Showcase Schedule of Performances:

  • The showcase will NOT follow Class time order. It is it’s own separate event listed below. Please make arrangements now.
  • Showcase times will be released at a later date, closer to Deceber.

Below is an example of the 2016 Holiday Showcase. This gives you an idea of how the 2 rooms will run. AGAIN- THIS IS AN EXAMPLE.

The final 2018 showcase line up will go out in November 2018.

Holiday Showcase Line-Up
Monday 12/12
Studio 2 Studio 4
18-2yr Ballet 3/4 Ballet
3/4 Ballet 18-2 Yr Ballet
Beginner Ballet Level 1 Ballet
Level 1 Ballet Beginner Ballet
Level 2 Ballet Level 3 Ballet
Level 3 Ballet Level 2 Ballet
Level 4 Ballet 3/4 Jazz
3/4 Jazz Level 4 Ballet
Beginner Jazz Level 1 Jazz
Level 1 Jazz Beginner Jazz
Level 2 Jazz Level 3 Jazz
Level 3 Jazz Level 2 Jazz
Level 4 Jazz 3/4 Tap
3/4 Tap Level 4 Jazz
Level 4 Lyrical 1/2 Contemporary
Level 1/2 Contemporary Level 4 Lyrical
Tuesday 12/13
Studio 2 Studio 4
Level 3&4 Musical Theater Level 1&2 Musical Theater
Level 1&2 Musical Theater Level 3&4 Musical Theater
Beginner Tap Level 1 Tap
Level 1 Tap Beginner Tap
Level 2 Tap Level 3 Tap
Level 3 Tap Level 2 Tap
Level 4 Tap Level 1 Lyrical
Level 1 Lyrical Level 4 Tap
Level 2 Lyrical Level 3 Lyrical
Level 3 Lyrical Level 2 Lyrical
3/4 Hip Hop Beginner Hip Hop
Beginner Hip Hop 3/4 Hip Hop
Level 1 Hip Hop 3&4 Contemporary
3/4 Contemporary Level 1 Hip Hop
Level 2 Hip Hop Level 4 Hip Hop
Level 3 Hip Hop Level 2 Hip Hop
Level 4 Hip Hop Level 3 Hip Hop







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