My daughter has thrived at The Fever Performing Arts. She absolutely loves the atmosphere, the amazing teachers, and has grown tremendously over the last few years. My daughter has really discovered a love for dance after joining the Fever Company Team!– Chasity Hurston

“We have now called Fever our dance home for over 4 years. In that time, I have  seen my daughter grow in strength, confidence and ability. We’re especially thankful for all the opportunities to perform since dancing ‘on the big stage’ is my girls’ favorite part. They have a lot of fun there and I know they are loved, which is the most important thing for a mama.”-Charity Christine

 We have been at Fever for four years and my granddaughter loves the staff and students there. Her dance family is really important to her and has helped to shape her into the person she is growing into.All the nights, after hours and weekends they put into scheduling, costumes, props and practices to make sure our kids shine when they perform doesn’t go unnoticed and we appreciate them for that.Thank you Fever!-Susan Ruthven

 My daughter, Ava, just finished her 6th year dancing with Fever and her 5th year as a member of Fever’s competition dance team. Over the last 6 years I’ve watched her become a talented dancer and athlete. While at Fever and through dance Ava has become more motivated, confident, focused, and responsible and this stems from the awesome Fever staff. Ava loves going to the studio everyday to do what she loves, with people that she loves and she can’t wait to help kickoff the 10th anniversary!-Jennifer Brooks

Words can’t express what Fever has meant to our family. We have taken dance at Fever 6 years and received quality education in all areas of performing arts making both of my dancers(boy and girl) incredibly marketable in this industry.
The Fever has provided opportunities beyond my expectation. The professionalism of what they produce truly sets them apart, and it shows on the dance floor.
*if you don’t believe me just drop in anytime any place that Fever dancers are performing, and they will deliver. Guaranteed.-Lottie Phagan

My daughter just finished her first Kinder Acting class. She loved it SO much she wants to do it every single day. I hope more of those classes get added. This was exactly what we were looking for! Thanks!! (happy kid = happy mom)-Lisis Monturiol Blackston

If your child or children, male or female are interested in dance or theater, Fever is the place to take them. The opportunities and experiences they will have here are incredible. And the shows every year are original and always out of this world. Remember busy kids don’t have time for trouble so sign them up. And be involved It’s a lot of fun. absolutely the best choice around.-Joe Phagan

My daughter Jacey has been dancing at Fever since she was 2 she’s now 7 and couldn’t imagine dancing anywhere else. We appreciate Megan’s dedication and hardwork she puts into her dancers her staff as well. Jacey loves coming home showing her dad and I new things she’s learned when at the studio. Fever is our 2nd family and we are bless to be apart. To Meg and her entire staff and those awesome kiddos keep up the awesome work, it pays off later. We love Fever.-Gabrielle Franklin

Thankful for the work and dedication Megan & Nichole put into my girls. Everything runs like clockwork and it was a complete joy to watch my girls dance this weekend. So thankful for the Fever family & Staff and looking forward to many more years to come.-Megan Cook

Search all you want, there is no Studio like The Fever. Between the Professional environment, the Creativity, the family atmosphere and the Originally Scripted, Choreographed, and Performed shows (which are Hilarious) you just can’t beat it.
Which is why I have proudly been a part of that Family for a Decade and counting.-Matthew Dixon

I love Fever! I am enrolled in classes and help teach baby classes and I always walk in with a smile on my face. I love the people around and the way everything is ran. I don’t see my life without Fever.-Katelyn Brown

Fever is the best studio!!!! Miss Megan and her staff care about kids and their growth Not only as dancers but as people.-Antoine Olds

We absolutely love Fever!!! The dance teachers are the best around!! I have loved watching my daughter, Kaydence, grow into the beautiful dancer that she is over the last 8 years!! The staff is awesome, so friendly and easy to work with!! Kay ran into some obstacles this year with breaking her arm and having a stomach virus the day of competition…. with everything, Megan and Nichole worked with us and were so compassionate and caring … we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!-Kerri Moore

Megan has been one of my closest friends since college. I’ve witnessed her grow Fever from the ground up and it’s been amazing to watch. She has such a passion for this place and these kids it hurts me to think anybody would assume otherwise. Fever is a top notch studio. You can’t be in the audience of one of their shows/performances and not realize that. With that being said, life is hectic and details do get away from us all sometimes. I’m a working mom who is often overwhelmed by the details but thankfully the Fever staff seems to understand there are those of less organized individuals out there, and they graciously send out countless reminders and check lists. I’m very sorry for anybody who has had an unpleasant experience because that is definitely not the norm.-Emily Perez

My daughter has danced at Fever since she was 4 from baby rec classes to competition & back to rec classes. I’ve played a role as parent, an employee & a best friend while we’ve been at Fever. I can’t say enough good things about the studio or the owners! They really go above and beyond to keep everyone informed & in the loop with as much information as possible. They’re very detailed oriented from the information they put out, to their choreography, to their costuming & to their shows. No t left uncrossed. Megan always does her best to make every dancer feel special whether they compete or just take 1 class a week. They run a tight ship and their professionalism shows when you see their shows. No other studio in West Georgia compares!! The last thing they are is a 1 Star business!! There are not enough stars to give them. If you want the best you go to Fever!-Casee Camp

My daughter Gwyneth has been dancing with Fever for 10 years! Our family has spent a great deal at this studio and Gwyn would not be the inspiring and dedicated dancer that she is today without Megan and the Fever staff.-Jennifer Morris

Best studio in the area! Studio owner and fever staff are great! If you want your dancer to learn and grow then this is the place for him/her!-Ashley Murray

Megan & Luke are amazing! I am a huge fan of their shows, but even bigger fans of the owners. So much creativity, passion & hard work goes into this business and it’s reflected in their dancers and their performances.-Alison Grooms

We’ve been with FEVER for 8 years and have loved every minute of it. It is, hands down, the best studio in West Georgia with the best teachers and studio owner. I’ve seen my child grow, not only in her dancing technique, but her confidence level has grown as well. She has created life long friendships with her co-dancers, young and old, she’s happy! Megan and the FEVER staff put in a lot of hard work and long hours to ensure that our girls shine on stage and that the shows are more than just a little presentation of what they’ve been learning over the season. FEVER recitals are full on productions because FEVER isn’t just a dance studio, it’s a Triple Threat studio where you act, sing, and dance, so every aspect is showcased during these amazing recitals. I know that being apart of The Fever Performing Arts, my child has the capability to further improve her skills and techniques and utilize those in her future endeavors as a performer. Well done FPA! This is why you are and remain West Georgia’s #1 studio!!-Sandy Hall



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